Circuit Upgrades & Modifications

To support our clients, we also offer upgrades and modifications to existing circuits as part of our Electronics Design and Development Service. Rapid advances in technology often result in components on circuit boards becoming obsolete within a few years of manufacture.. Also the functions performed by several old technology components can now be provided by a single latest technology component. This means circuit boards can often be reduced in size and also most often manufactured at substantially reduced costs. Older machine circuit boards are often no longer available from their original manufacturers. Sometimes upgrades and retrofits are available, but these alternatives are often very expensive. We are able to provide our clients with cost effective alternatives such as combining several older technology boards into one combination board or converting old through hole technology boards to the latest technology SMD boards.
The pictures above show the conversion from an old through hole technology board to the latest SMD technology board. In this instance a two channel board was also converted to become a four channel board, thereby replacing two boards with one resulting in a substantial cost reduction to our customer.

Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.